This Week's Weight Loss: 1lb
Total Weight Loss: 15lb

Sunday, 19 January 2014

First Weigh-In

It is Midnight on Sunday and I have just done my first weigh-in to cover the last two weeks - and I've lost 5lb!

So I am officially a quarter of the way to my goal loss! To be honest I'm not as ecstatic as I should be because I had lost more during my hospital stay; I must have put some weight back on when I started to feel better and got my appetite back. But this is healthy so I should try not to feel too down.

For the first two days out of hospital I've been eating healthy foods but not counting the calories, just to have a chance to recover. Today I start counting again! I'm hoping to have lots of willpower and to keep feeling well.


Lisa xx


  1. I'm glad you're home from the hospital! You'll be back on track in no time. Congrats on the great weigh-in, too!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! It is very much a step in the right direction!