This Week's Weight Loss: 1lb
Total Weight Loss: 15lb

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 3 Weigh-In

I have weighed myself and I've lost 3lb!

This brings my current weight loss to 8lb in total, over half a stone and 40% towards my goal of no longer being clinically obese. I am beyond happy. This success and the little changes like my coat fitting better do a lot to keep me motivated. 

My biggest challenge so far has been craving takeaways, especially pizza. Before my diet I might have eaten two a week - and with minimum order amounts they would always be large portions with plenty of leftovers for the next day. Last night I got as far as logging into the Domino's Pizza website and checking out the nutritional info for an order (a personal pizza and side dish would take up an entire day's points allowance, incidentally). I did resist and instead ate a WeightWatchers meal that included a creamy sauce and carbohydrates, which got rid of the craving very well. 

When you're desperate for a takeaway it's easy to try and minimise it and say, "It's only once, what the hell..."... but in the real world that takeaway would have undermined all my positive changes, put me at increased risk of another gallstone attack, and worried my parents. My last attack landed me in hospital for 6 days; both my gallbladder and liver were inflamed as the gallstone was stuck. My liver functions were declining day on day, I became jaundiced and I needed IV antibiotics. I'm glad I didn't order a pizza last night!

This is what obesity and a high-fat diet led me to!

So, I'm going to try and stay motivated and keep losing weight! Wish me luck!

Lisa xx 


  1. Hey I'm doing Weight Watchers too Lisa. Idk if these are available near you, but I love Lean Cuisines and the pepperoni pizzas satisfy my pizza (spicy-cheesy-crunchy) cravings. :)

    1. Ooh how are you going with it? I've never heard of Lean Cuisines so I'm not sure if we have it in the UK, but one of our big supermarket chains has come out with a great selection of meals at least!