This Week's Weight Loss: 1lb
Total Weight Loss: 15lb

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week 8 Weigh-In

I've lost 2lb this week, which means that I have lost a STONE in total!

I am so incredibly happy - what a milestone. 14lb lost, 6lb to go until I'm no longer classed as obese. Before I started dieting my BMI was 33 on the dot; it is now 30.9.

Last week I wrote that I'd had a really bad run with my mental health, broke my diet several times and didn't lose any weight as a result. I slipped up once this week, on Monday (I had garlic bread with cheese and mushrooms and it was so tasty) but since then I've been back on track and feeling a lot better about my eating habits. I have also rediscovered Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea and am in love! I'm trying to enjoy them with no milk and two level teaspoons of sugar so they don't break the bank calorie-wise.

Ending note: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay a stone ^_^

Lisa xx

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