This Week's Weight Loss: 1lb
Total Weight Loss: 15lb

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 3

Hello! I am now onto an almighty third day of keeping to my diet. I'm not too well and stuck in bed with a headache, but food-wise I'm doing fine! The biggest thing to get used to is not feeling completely full all the time - normally I comfort eat and like to keep a cup of tea, snack or dessert by my side almost constantly.

Day 1 didn't continue onto a great start because Asda messed up quite a few of my groceries, sending full fat meals instead of the healthy ones I'd ordered. Not even as substitutions, they just plain got it wrong. Fortunately I had enough correct stuff to keep me going! I probably won't risk ordering with Asda again - I'll count trudging out to the supermarket as a form of exercise ;-)

So far I've succeeded in keeping to my daily Weight Watchers points allowance of 22, which equals about 1320 calories. It's hard to plan out my day as my sleeping is unpredictable, but I've always been able to eat when I'm hungry. I'm drinking plenty of tea too! I have lots of varieties in the cupboard but blackcurrant is a favourite. Hopefully it will be doing some good!

My first weigh-in will be on Sunday. During past efforts I've had both great first weeks, and a first week where I don't think I even lost a pound. So this time I'm hoping for the best but prepared for a disappointment, and will keep going either way.


Lisa xx

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