This Week's Weight Loss: 1lb
Total Weight Loss: 15lb

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Week 6, Day 4


Following on from my last two posts I'm still having trouble with my mindset and wanting to overeat. Technically I haven't - but around the weekend I had a bad few days with my fatigue and, rather than naturally eating less because I'd been asleep for 12-16 hours of the day, I'd take full advantage of the leftover points with extra snacks. Generally I'm feeling a bit heavy and blegh. On the bright side I have my first therapy appointment tomorrow which I'm hoping will breathe some life into me!

Hot, sugary cups of tea are one of my big comforts that I like to enjoy if I've been good and have the points to spare, and I've found a better way to enjoy them. In the cupboard we have a couple of little teacups which are half the size of a mug. The calories saved aren't massive but I feel better mentally to be treating myself in moderation :-)

Aaaaaand, I've tried Tesco grocery delivery and had a really great experience with them! After Asda being an absolute joke and messing up a third of my last order, Tesco were brilliant. Only one substitution and it was a really well-chosen one. So my kitchen is now stocked with lovely healthy meals!

Lisa xx

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